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Meet Maria
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Trained as a fine artist, owner Maria Maccarone Smith is an ardent art lover and museum goer. She brings her passion for art, keen eye for color, and meticulous attention to detail to every piece. Maria has made Frame It RI, now in its 18th year, a warm and welcoming place. 


Whatever the size of your project, Maria spends time with you. She loves listening to your stories about what makes your artwork special, hearing your ideas about how you’d like a piece framed and where it will be hung, and offering creative solutions that will make the piece uniquely yours. To protect and preserve your artwork for years to come, conservation matting and glazing are always used.


Trust Maria with your child’s artwork or your own, treasured memorabilia, family photos, pet photos, diplomas and certificates, or any memento you’d like to have custom framed and hanging in your home.

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